Saturday, June 4, 2011

Quarter scale

I'd like to welcome all my new followers! I don't deserve you all, as I haven't made any miniatures for many months now!! But thankyou so much for taking an interest in my blog :D
I'll have a little giveaway soon to brighten things up :)

Now that I've successfully moved house, my mini mojo has returned!! Yay!! It was hiding in a teensy corner, and pointing to quarter scale. Yikes, I said, what's going on?? That's not what I expected!
'Start tiny' it said, 'and after that it can only get easier!' Hmmm, I don't know whether to believe this.

Soooo . . . having sorted some more of my family history lately, I've become interested in the ancestors who had a woollen weaving mill in Yorkshire in the 19th century. I have no illusions that it was at all romantic or nice (a certain member of the family was shot by an employee for his harsh treatment of the workers . . .!!), but it started me thinking on the story of my new project. You need a story, don't you, to have a mini come alive? And I love weaving - I'm not very competent, but it's oh so satisfying.
And to continue with one of my favourite time periods - medieval. I just can't stay away :)
I've now got this fabulous little 1:48 kit from Bea Broadwood at Petite Properties which is to become the home and workshop of my medieval weaver (a good man, not an owner of a dark satanic mill). I've chosen this kit because it's an intermediate skill level - if I enjoy 1:48 scale, I'll try something more challenging next time :)
For the same reason, I'm going to use laser-cut kits for the furniture. I did buy one of Bea's excellent books on how to make 1:48 furniture from card and paper, and I'm looking forward to trying this, but some of the kits out there are too tempting!

And a personal update -
Our kitten Toby who went missing - he was killed on the road :( We still have our two older cats who we love dearly.
I'd also like to apologise for my extended absence from blogging - my life got a bit serious for a while. Blogland is a happy place, and I didn't want to inflict my problems on the world :)



  1. Wow, Glenda -- that is very tiny. I hope you enjoy your new project. It's nice that you have settled in and are really to get started on minis again!

  2. So glad to have you back... and it's even better that you're back into minis - or should I say mini-minis? (LOL) Quarter Scale is really fascinating to me, must have something to do with the fact that the day is near where there'll be no more space for another project. I'm really curious to see your progress on that gorgeous house and the weaver's workspace (in that scale - wow!). Btw - your story about that satanic miller reminded me of a very popular German book by Ottfried Preußler named "Krabat" - it's all about a satanic miller and his poor employees. He teaches them dark magic - but each year one of them has to die... yep, a weaver is a much better (and safer) choice... ;O)


    P.S.: Sorry for poor Toby!

  3. Good luck with your new project and I'm sorry to hear about your cat. We lost one that way too.

  4. So sorry for your loss, Glenda. :[ But, it is good to hear from you. You have been missed! Good luck with your new project. :D

  5. So sorry about your beautiful kitty. How sad! Glad that you are back for more mini making!

  6. Poor Toby :( Glad you are back Glenda, I hope things are on the upswing now. I can't work in scales that small LOL. I can't wait to see what you do with it, sounds very intriguing.


  7. Missed you, dear Friend! Hope everything what was hard is or will be sorted out soon. And so sorry about Toby :(
    But I really hope to see your new project's progress soon:)

  8. Welcome back, Glenda, it's nice to see you again,I'm sorry for your Toby, it's really cruel. Have nice days, Rosannna

  9. I love the kit Petite Properties and I look forward to seeing what he'll pull out :-)
    I love cats and know them deeply: I have never been able to accept (from my point of view) they are ALWAYS on the wrong side of the road!
    However, this is life and we must do this for a reason...
    I embrace you with affection, welcome back :-)

  10. oh- I'm so sad and sorry to hear about poor Toby. I'm glad you are back also- I always look at the Petite Properties kits but I have not been brave enough to try one yet. I am excited to see you working on yours! I also agree- minis are more fun if you have a little story that goes with the project :) Welcome back Glenda :)

  11. I'm so sad for your loss of Toby, he was so beautiful.
    Welcome back, I hope you can turn your lemons into lemonade.

  12. Glenda, estoy encantada de verte de nuevo dispuesta a hacer minis, me encantara seguir tus proyectos.
    Siento mucho la perdida de Toby.
    besitos ascension

  13. Hi, Your new project looks very intriguing, I'm sure it will be lots of fun :)

    so so sorry about little toby.. so sad... poor little thing!

    ps. Thank you for following my little blog :)

  14. I am so so bad for being so so late! How did I miss this post ? I just thought you were still busy moving ..but anyhoo, I am thrilled to see that you have settled, sad for Toby of course. But happy again to see you are back to mini.

    Quarter scale? hmmmmmm...its so small, Glenda! :) That's why I just can't wait to see how a quarter scale medieval home and workshop for a weaver under your hand is like. You have my interest really piqued!

  15. This does look intriguing Glenda and if anyone can pull it off it'll be you because you simply won't let it get the better of you even if it drives you crazy! ;)