Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cross eyed

Here's my new baby - a swedish runner in 1:48 scale between her two 1:12 scale big sisters. She measures just 2 x 6.5cm (.75" x 2.5").
I have contact lenses to correct my severe short-sightedness, and I also have to wear reading glasses more and more often, and with this rug I also needed a 5x lens sometimes. It took me three times longer than one of the 1:12 ones!
I like being very short-sighted - without my lenses I can see close up in incredible detail, it's a pity though that I can't work with the needle and thread an inch or two from my eyes.

I'm off soon to visit my parents for a week - no internet, no emails :-0 I will get more handwork done though.

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