Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hmm, so this is blogland

Yes, I swore I'd never do this - Mrs Oldfashioned is oldfashioned! She'd better improve her camera skills and actually finish some projects now. Like the two dollhouse kits still languishing in their boxes - Mrs O is too enthusiastic about making the stuff to fill them.

The kits are intended as a Finnish lakehouse and a medieval tower.

Mini rya rugs have taken centre stage recently, I enjoyed a (southern hemisphere) winter making them, as well as my take on woven floor runners. Here's a pic of the two which will probably go in the lakehouse. The rya is a silk/linen mix.


  1. Beautiful rugs! I may have to purchase one for my log cabin DH is building me! I have admired them on Etsy. Are you a member of Team Mids? I am and they are such a supportive group! Welcome to the land of blogging. Hope you'll visit me as well.


  2. Thanks Jody - my quiet life has changed enormously since I started blogging! So many friendly people!
    Reading your blog will keep me happy for some time :)
    Glad you like the rugs, making them is fun - it's my default activity while watching movies or tv.
    Will check out Team Mids - thanks for the reference!