Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lakehouse stairs

I've installed the little dividing wall and the spiral stairs in the downstairs part of the lakehouse.
Here it is so far, with a few items of furniture to show the general setting.
I've decided not to use the white incised boards for the attic ceiling - they made it look even smaller and somewhat cramped.

Downstairs is the modern part, and upstairs has some older style furniture.
There is no kitchen as such, or indoor bathroom.
The people who stay here will have to cook outdoors, and they have an outdoor loo!
There is no electricity, either. They look forward to staying here to get away from the city life, and enjoy weekends and vacations in the woods by the lake. Blueberry picking is fun!!
They definitely need a sauna, though . . .

And here, below, is the old-fashioned pull-out sofa which I have re-covered with Ira's fabric. I'm very pleased with it, but so far I don't quite know where to put it - I can feel another roombox appearing in my imagination . . .
I got it from Kim's Miniatures (here) here in New Zealand. I also got the sleigh bed, the table and the chair, which are in the lakehouse attic, from her.


  1. WOW Glenda!!!

    It is really looking great! I love the furniture. It is a wonderful fresh change from what I am used to seeing in miniature.

  2. The furniture is awesome indeed! I like the idea of a bare-bones beach house. People should get away more often...unplug themselves! :D

  3. Love the pull-out-sofa and the spiral stairs. Were the stairs hard? I like spirals because they look like they take up less room. I usually end up not putting stairs in my houses because it takes up to much space.

  4. Oh! I really like this! :) Fabulous!

  5. Dark Sqirrel Victoria - the stairs are from The Dolls House Emporium, I asked for a set - you can see them in the house they were intended for here -
    They come ready-made but separated into groups with three treads each. I cut them down and moved each set together a little more than they should have been, to make them fit this setting.

  6. It is looking sooo good! So bright - love it! Re-covered sofa is great!:)

  7. ¡ Un refugio ! Una buena idea Es , El Baño y la cocina no estan en la casa , ASI disfrutaran de la Naturaleza . :) Besos Clara

  8. It's looking great! I love the furniture, you have really got the Finnish feel in there :) And I LOVE that sofa, it's fab! And good that the fabrics found some use, if you need any more of them, I still have some and can get more Finnish fabrics if you need some :)

    Have a great week :)

  9. It's lovely so far. My little bears got really excited, they think it would be perfect for a teddy vacation... ;O)

  10. Beautiful staircase and I like the room arrangement and the shelf on the ground floor.
    When we had a cottage (we sold it because we moved to another part of the country) it didn't have neither electricity, water installed or a loo inside the house. And I still thinks that's the way a cottage should be :-)

  11. It does indeed look like a great place to relax. And I can so relate to the outside loo, as you know ;)

    @ Helene, if you fancy a cottage in NZ with no inside loo, but with the benefit of electrcity and water I know just the place for you - and I'm sure you could do a good deal with the present owner ;)

  12. I love that sofa, its soooo different and distinctive! I also love that little divide that you've added...a great touch! My Mum has Lakeview house and I agree, the staircase is not very've made it sooo much better! lol :o))

    Is your little house a DHE looks like one of their retreats. ;o)

    Michelle xx

  13. The cottage is taking on a really friendly, I like the variety of styles in furnishings, you're not trapped into one!
    Outdoor cooking and ... everything else (!) is very picturesque :-)
    The bench is delicious!!!
    Mini hugs, Flora

  14. I love the stairs- how perfect!!! The furniture looks wonderful also ♥

  15. Thanks ladies!

    Michelle - this staircase certainly wouldn't pass any safety regulations in 1:1!! Yes, it's The Retreat from DHE :)

  16. I adore the pull out sofa. It is definitely a piece to build around. Love it!

  17. Wonderful really looks amazing.

    Love those stairs..just right for this.

  18. Love the way you designed this house! I like the furniture too. Thanks for sharing where you found the sleigh bed. Love that! :D