Friday, August 6, 2010

Sofa and chair

This set is to go in the lakehouse. The kits are from Susan Karatjas at SDK Miniatures (here).
I cut down her two seater loveseat into a single chair. I left the wood unstained, just waxed, to look like pale birchwood.
The fabric (perfect - so Finnish!) is linen which Ira kindly sent me a while ago. I have enough of the blue left over to cover an old-fashioned Swedish pullout sofa - watch this space.

And talking of space - I don't have enough for all the things I have collected to put in there! :0 That's why I reduced the size of the smaller sofa.
They also say that 'less is more', so I guess I'm going to have to just change the interior every so often! Re-decorating is not a thing that I enjoy at all, but at dollhouse scale it must be easier . . .


  1. Glenda,

    They both look fantastic. How clever to make the love seat into a chair.

    Now that you mention birchwood...I had wondered what pop cycle sticks were made of. They are Birch! That seems to me to be a better wood to make floors out of than basswood. I think I am going to try it on a small project. Tooth picks are also made of Birch.

  2. They're lovely, Glenda, and so clever to cut down the love seat. I'm not sure I would have had the courage to do that! :)


  3. Haha, Cia, I took a clever photo with all the messy bits hidden ;)

  4. When describing the details "gory" for their work, (type, cut in half a sofa!), this assumes a different dimension in the eyes of others: now I look at these precious pieces of furniture with much more admiration!
    About space: this seems to magically expand when it is inserted in the scene beautiful things ...
    Among other things, hand hand I suffer the beneficial influence of blogs, I proceed to remove from the house everything seems cheap and I post new things. Gains space and style :-)
    Mini lovely hugs, Flora

  5. Oh and I forgot to say that it's really good to cut up a mini sofa, I've actually done that to 1:1 3-seater as I wanted two 2-seaters :D And it actually worked, you could even sit on it without the structure collapsing :D

  6. Looks like the 1:1 furniture I had in my living room years ago - only the fabric was different (lol). They are fantastic, typically scandinavian.

  7. Great idea with remaking original sofa Glenda! The furniture look great! And I love the fabrics!:)

  8. Me encanta como te ha quedado y la tela de Ira es preciosa.
    besitos ascension