Saturday, November 6, 2010

Parcel from Lorraine - yippee!!

Recently I asked Lorraine over at Dollhouse Miniatures by Dfly Creations to make me some minis. Lorraine's polymer clay work is outstanding - quirky and fun, extremely finely detailed, and so beautifully crafted :)
I had sent Lorraine a parcel recently, and we also included some swaps, both minis and 1:1 items.

When I got this parcel, I was gobsmacked by the contents!!
My first request was for dribbly candles - perfect in all settings!!- and here they are in a lovely beeswax colour, lots of splendid shapes and sizes :)
Next I asked for some barn owl eggs, and these are just unbelievable - they're exquisite, with incredibly subtle colour variations, and are sooo tactile! Lovely!!
And some mistletoe - I realised after I requested this that it was a big ask, being very intricate to make, but again Lorraine worked her magic, and sent these sprigs - they're just so lifelike I can't believe it. I hope she didn't tear her hair out doing this!! :))))
Dragon scrolls - just especially for my future dragon-keeper's room - great detail and wonderfully well made!
I purchased two wands from Lorraine's Etsy shop to include in the order - a curly one and a rustic one - she is the Wand Queen!! I can guarantee that if you buy one you will want more!!! They are very fine!!
But the surprise - Lorraine included her new skull wand in its box!! When I picked myself up from the floor it was still there, I hadn't imagined it! It is just so amazing - my photo doesn't do it justice - the colour is blended from 'bone' to charcoal, and the tiny skull has a character all of its own. The box is a work of art, too - a black velvet lined box with a top to perfectly match the wand. I absolutely love it to bits, and it now has pride of place in my mini collection of very special pieces! :)))))
Not only but also!! As part of the swap, Lorraine (knowing that I like ceramics) generously included a large collection of pots - ceramic, wood and cloisonne - and a watering can and a sweet birdhouse! :))
You can find Lorraine's fabulous work for sale at Etsy here. her work is of the highest quality, and the prices are very friendly!

I am so very pleased with everything you sent me, Lorraine - I can't thank you enough!!! From an extremely happy Glenda :)))


  1. They are all just wonderful Glenda! Lorraine's work is beautiful. I will have to check out her ETSY shop. I can't wait to see how you use them.

  2. They all look wonderful, you are so lucky. The scrolls especially intrigue me.

  3. Glenda I bet you were so thrilled, Lorraines work is outstanding and beautifully made and detailed. Kate xxx

  4. Wonderful things! Are you still jumping for joy?
    I love the candles and the vase of green glass ... I'm looking for a similar and can not find it, sigh :-(
    Mini hugs, Flora

  5. Not a surprise that you're beaming with joy... what wonderful gifts... Lorraine's work is really outstanding. I've purchased one of her wand and can't wait to see it in nature.

    Have a great week - oh, you will, just looking at this wonderful minis (haha)

  6. Beautiful Glenda! Lorraine's work is magical. The wands are outstanding! I can't wait to see her Skull stand for the wand.

    Victoria :)

  7. I'm just *WOW* all over those wands. Lorraine's work is so detailed!

  8. Oooo such nice words from everyone! Glenda, you deserve every bit! You are such a kind and generous person!!!! And a great friend!

  9. Lucky you Glenda! I just LOVE Lorraine's miniatures! Beautiful collection!

  10. wow Glenda these are fabulous such lovely goodies and amazing work your very lucky

  11. I LOVE everything Lorraine gave you . EVERYTHING! You lucky lucky girl :)