Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gifts from Ewa!

A lovely surprise arrived in the mail today!! My friend Ewa at The Sunny Hours sent me a delightful parcel with Christmas decorations and minis!!
The Christmas decorations will be hung on our tree - we have tree ornaments to remind us of past times, family and friends, and these from Ewa will very welcome!!
The minis will find good mini homes too - I have great ideas about the filigrees and frame, and the test tubes are perfect for my next project :)
The little books and French charm are talking to me of an early 1900s scene . . .

Thankyou so much, Ewa - you are very kind, and a good friend!! :)))

xxx Glenda


  1. Happy they came safe and sound and that you like them!;)

  2. Really nice presents! Ewa sure is a very lovely lady - and so talented...


    P.S.: Wait another while and you'll be talking German like a native speaker - your use of "Kaffeeklatsch" in yesterday's comment on my blog was perfect... ;O)

  3. What a lovely thought and present from Ewa! I love the little doll with its knitted dress complete with wooden button!

    Thank you for the painted ceiling advice too! :o))

    Michelle xx

  4. Always nice to receive gifts from friends :-)

  5. Ewa has found some great gifts for her creative friend :).

  6. It's nice to get little presents from friends :-) Merry Christmas everyone xxx

  7. Me encantan los regalitos que te ha mandado Ewa.
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