Tuesday, December 7, 2010

No internet for 5 days - what to do . . .?

Waaah!! No internet! It's incredible how often I use it, and being without it was a real test :)
I did find something to occupy me, though, as you see.
I can now show you the (almost finished) tower.

The beams are stained veneer, glued on to the paperclay walls. This dealt with the difficulty of 1. not having enough suitable wood for solid beams, and b. the corners on this tower are on a tricky 60-degree angle, and my woodworking skills are abysmal.
Do come in - welcome!
The lower floor.
The floor is made of paperclay. The fireplace is made of egg carton stones - general instructions for doing this can be found here and here.

The painted strip around the walls is based on a design from an Anglo-Saxon enamelled brooch.
The scrolling to the left of the window is a copy of a medieval illumination, and the scrolling to the right is my own, including the leaves of my favourite trees.
Now to go upstairs, or rather up the ladder :)
The whole floor is covered in rush matting (hatstraw), an idea I got from the 'Les Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry - Janvier' (here).

Thankyou for visiting! I hope soon to be able to show you the roof :)



  1. N Tener Internet ha adelantado Las Obras:)
    Una preciosa torre. Las imagenes de las paredes Ideales.
    Me encanta.
    Besos Clara

  2. Wow Glenda, wath a great work. Very nice...


  3. Being without the internet is a real test... I know something of that - so welcome back to being connected! Nevertheless you managed to occupy yourself very well, your progress with the tower is amazing. The wallpainting is a great idea and your "struggling" with the floor was really worth the effort. Looks absolutely fantastic (as always!).


  4. Ab Fab Glenda! Great idea for the beams, love your egg carton flagstones, you've patinaed them beautifully. I'm sure that's easier said than done - I need to try to achive pavers soon and I'm not much good at that sort of thing. Can't wait to see your progress with the roof, you always seem to come up with an easy yet very effective way to do everything.

  5. It is FANTASTIC Glenda, I had no idea what to expect when you started this. Everything about is has turned out so well, it was worth all the 'hair tearing' I'm sure.

  6. This is really wonderful. I love the painting you did.

  7. no internet = no right arm!!!
    not sure how some people can manage

  8. One of the things I like the best about this is how light and bright it's turned out to be. It's very "you" -- and very medieval, actually, when you think of their art and love of decoration.

    I love the matting for the floor, it's a great idea and of course you're JUST the person to be able to do it :)

  9. Brilliant idea to use the hatstraw! Paintings are great!!

  10. I always know being without internet is the best what can happen to a miniaturist.;) Love your tower! It is so elegant, pure, beautiful! Love all the paintings - gosh you are sooooo talented Glenda! I am jeleaous now! ;D Can't wait to see the roof and the furniture inside!:)

  11. Hi Glenda!

    Your project looks like very interesting!

    I liked very much about an article at our dollhouse magazine here in Finland too! Your lakehouse was so nice.

    Greetings from snowy Finland, Lotte

  12. Wow Glenda! It has progressed a lot!
    I just love it!
    What period is it going to be exactly? I would like to prepare a meal for you...;-))

  13. Your tower is out of this world Glenda! I would die with no internet for 5 days hee hee :0

    Victoria ♥

  14. I LOVE the work you did on the walls!!!! The dragon, the tree, the vines. It makes it so special, it's lovely!
    I hope I never need that kind of egg carton. We don't have that type anymore. They are made of styrofoam now. :-(

  15. WOW!!! thats come a long way since I last visited blogland, looks like you achieved a lot without your internet, not such a bad thing :o)I love it!!! I'm amazed at your artwork, tis beautiful :o) wish I was as talented.

  16. Que trabajo mas fantastico, me encantan esas paredes.
    Va a quedar de maravilla, enhorabuena.
    besitos ascension

  17. Glenda, the Tower looks wonderful and I absolutely Love your paintings, they are beautiful..xx

  18. Thankyou,ladies, for your kind comments :)

    Nina - wait till you see the ceiling :)

    Ewa - really glad you like it!!

    Lotte - thankyou - I'm pleased you liked the lakehouse!

    Anthoula - it's medieval - definitely simple food (bread, vegetables, cheese) :))

    Catherine - eggs in styrofoam - oh no!! BTW do they still sell eggs in dozens where you are?

    Debbie - the roof was a nightmare! :O won't go into dread detail here . . .

  19. Wow, it's wonderful! I love everything, the floor and fireplace in the lower floor are so lifelike and all the ornaments on both floors are so beautiful! And the exterior is perfect too!

  20. Wow, Glenda! Amazing what you have accomplished without the internet! I love the painting on your walls and the fireplace looks great! "I need to try those egg carton stones! I love it that you also scrutinize Medieval miniatures for the details.... the rush matting in his room is very beautiful, as is the tapestry on his walls (the Duke, that is!)! I'm glad your internet is working now so WE get to see what you've done!

  21. I am going to switch off my internet if it means finishing a whole complex in 5 days! What a fine tower this is! Everything is great, from the frescoes to the floor tiles, the fireplace to the ladder! Which reminds me , I need to make a very rustic one :).

    That rush mat in the picture is EXACTLY how you made them, Glenda! WOW!

  22. Sans - thankyou! The hatstraw here is glued directly onto the floor :)

  23. Glenda, the tower is very exciting: there is an air of mystery and the past, you had promised at the beginning of the work.
    The frescoes are perfect.
    At times, a period without internet, it is more productive :-)
    Mini hugs, Flora

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  25. Glenda, I'm just trying to catch up a bit on blog reading and I have to say...oh my goodness!!!! I don't know where to start so I'll simply say that every single little bit of this tower is astounding, beautiful, gorgeous!!! I love the floors and the walls are so wonderful- what a fabulous job you are doing....I adore the stars on the ceiling too- clever girl!!!

  26. Hi Glenda,

    I am new here to the mini blogs, what an amazing project you are making! Very beautiful :)

    Warmest wishes,