Saturday, January 29, 2011

The enchanter's tower

Greetings, and welcome to the tower! The resident enchanter (he's shy about his name) is here to show you - his respected visitors - through his modest dwelling.
He hasn't yet noticed the book which he was searching for earlier - it was left out in the rain after his twilight walk last night searching for herbs!! He's not going to be happy about that . . .
He asks your patience while he completes a small task at his desk.
Here is the lower level - this is his workroom. He has his pet owl inside today, as mice have been seen inside.
Another view, with the ladder to the top floor.
Upstairs is where he sleeps and reads, and sometimes plays the lute when he is in the mood.
Details of the workroom.
And another view.

He hopes that you have enjoyed your little tour - and he would like to thank the following people for their beautiful works which have made his home so very comfortable to live in -

Ericka Van Horn - books, scrolls, printies, potions
Lorraine - dribbly candles, skull, curly wand, witch accessories
Kiva and Carol Cook - food
Norma - printies, open books, wall hanging, wooden chest downstairs
Nikki - dribbly candles, unicorn horn
Honey and Bee - specimen jars, glass inkwell
Annie - horn on mantelpiece
Teresa/Northern Lites Miniatures - owl
Kiva Ford - tall clear bottle
Patricia Paul - bird skulls
Merry Gourmet Miniatures - leather wineskin



  1. Beautiful, beautiful details! This is such a gorgeous piece of work, Glenda!

  2. It's wonderful! Love all the details and the walls are so beautiful with the drawings on them!!

  3. Congratulations, is a great work, I love it!

  4. The enchanter has made himself a lovely home. Love the detailing and the murals, especially on the second floor.

  5. You've created a real atmosphere here. There's so much detail and loads to look at. I particularly like the angled shelf - a great idea and your murals are perfect. It's lovely, Glenda.

  6. I did enjoy this little tour - but even more I loved it! This is so very well done, the amount of wonderful little details - absolutely impressive. Your wall painting fits perfectly with the furniture, I like how the dragon is placed over that cupboard. And I really love that starnight ceiling - must think about it, maybe I'll steal that idea for my witch tower *grin* Thank you for those beautiful pictures!


    P.S.: Your German is still working - your suggestion for my Giveaway with "Schneemädchen" was great... ;O)

  7. Estas haciendo un maravilloso trabajo.
    Todos los detalles son preciosos, me encanta el aire que le estas dando, queda genial.
    besitos ascension

  8. Wow! Glenda! This is Beautiful! You have found such gorgeous little details for his tower! And I LOVE the painted walls that fit so well around all the other furnishings! It is really GORGEOUS! He is a lucky Enchanter... I hope he casts only Good Spells! Did you make all the furniture? I really like the carved table at the front of his workroom! Lovely design! WOW! I love it ALL!

  9. Absolutly beautiful! Love the paintings on the walls, the floor downstairs, books collection and fab glass collection! So many great detiles! So many things to watch.:)
    Beautiful project dear Glenda!:)

  10. Glenda, so many wonderful details! All the bottles, jars, the amazing's fantastic! The murals are perfect. I love everything from top to bottom! =D

  11. Beautiful work Glenda1 I just love the walls of your tower and your collection of miniatures. My favorite is your owl on his stand :)

    Victoria ♥

  12. You created a mini world for your medieval guy- so shy ...I admire your expertise and all the detailing. Thanks for sharing!

  13. It's excellent Glenda, I love your walls and floor and the way you have done the workroom, all fabulous :0)
    Julia xxx

  14. Just gorgeous Glenda- I could keep looking for hours there are so many wonderful little details to see! My absolute favorite part is the artwork you have done on the walls.

  15. How can you laugh when I said you are elegant , neat and disciplined, Glenda. You are all that and more. I have enlarged all the pictures in this post and admire all the wonderful details you have painstakingly put together. I swear this tower belongs to an enchanter who's just like you :). I stand by what i said , you are all that and more :). This is great work, Glenda, CONGRATZ!

  16. Hi, I just found you and joined. This is so fabulous. I want to be able to live in it. :) Marsha, Enchanticals

  17. How long do I have?!
    If I start a list of everything I like in this scene, you do not just the day to read :-)
    Apart from the countless amazing detail, the thing I most appreciate of this tower is the "Glenda atmosphere" that hovers over everything, that is, cleanliness, order and harmony that I had already noticed in the cottage ... If we want, is a little anachronistic that there is even a web or a bit of dust, but I assure you I do not consider this a defect, something quite different: in the end, I have fed the caverns dark and full of dirt that see around ...
    I particularly like the life that I sense from the scene ... The nameless man playing the lute under the starry vault of the CLEAN tower :-)
    Mini hugs, Flora

  18. It's truly a masterpiece Glenda, it has indeed come to life. All of the details are lovely but the jewel in the crown is the wall paintings, you really should feel satisfied and proud of it.

  19. Your miniatures are so great I have become one of your followers. I also make miniatures. Please visit my blog.

  20. This is Awesome, Awesome!! So cool that I see some of my books in there... I am so proud:-)

  21. You did such a great job on this! Incredible. Thank you so much for sharing.