Friday, February 11, 2011

In print again, twice!

Instructions for how to make my mini floor runners are in Doll's House and Miniatures Scene magazine #199, January 2011 :)))
This post is late as my copy of the magazine arrived very late - I think Planet Earth postal systems are routed via the moon sometimes :D
And my Finnish Lakehouse appeared in the Finnish Miniatures magazine Nukkekoti - I feel a bit odd (but flattered) about showing this in Finland - what's that saying "taking coals to Newcastle"?

I still haven't got my mini-mojo back, it's probably in the post, haha!! :D



  1. Congratulations Glenda!!! The runners are great and your lakehouse is very nice! =)

  2. Congratulations, dear Glenda! Well deserved! You make beautiful things very worth showing around the globe!:)I am so happy to read that.:D

    Oh I have the same problem with the post office - the number of lost parcels is dangerously fast increasing :( I am almost affraid to order anything lately. Lost all the hopes they will arrived one day.

    As far as I remember you and Ira were asked to write the articles to the Finnish magazine almost at the same time. I wonder if she is or will be published too.:)

  3. Glenda... Congratulations!!! Well done and most deserved!!!

    I want to tell you about my favorite. It was a leather medieval tunic you made. I love it when you make things out of leather. Saying that I also have to say all of your work is beautiful.

  4. Congratulations Glenda and very well deserved :)
    I think my mojo may be somewhere in the post too, I'm hoping both will be arriving back soon :0)
    Julia xxx

  5. Well done you. Even if you do not feel very inspired at the moment no doubt your work is inspiring others as far away as Finland!

    Perhaps you need some new projects to plan? Even if it's just sketches maybe?

  6. Thankyou, ladies, your supportive comments are very welcome!! :D

    Ewa - Thankyou!! BTW Ira's article wasn't in this magazine, as it was supposed to be.

    Catherine - I loved that tunic, too :)

    Julia - we can but wait . . .

    Janice - good advice, and seeing your fab work is one of the most inspiring things!!

  7. Congratulations - and I agree with the others, well-deserved. These magazines seem to have a touch of class, indeed - they asked you to contribute... ;O)

    And I can't help to mention it, I like that saying "Taking coals to Newcastle". It's so interesting to learn about how the same things are expressed in so many different ways. In Germany we say "Bringing owls to Athens" - LOL

    Have a great weekend! Hope the mail brings your mojo back from the moon soon!

  8. Congratulations, that's great! :)

    - Grace

  9. Congrats Glenda! Great job :)

    Victoria ♥

  10. Dear Glenda
    Well Done! you got the world's recognition on the Mini planet! I'd love to see these instruction in a more readable size. any chance for that?
    Even if not, I am as always one of your fans and am waiting for your next wonderful immaculate creation.

  11. Neomi - I'm happy to send you the instructions, I'll e-mail you.

  12. This is wonderful ! Being published! Happening to a truly deserving artisan :). Glenda, I am thrilled for you :).

    It's a good thing I can enlarge your pics and read the instructions. I don't have access to this unless I subscribe and there are way too many mini magazines I want so I have decided I shan't start! I have enjoyed "reading" both your publications :).

    Hope you get your mini mojo back soon, dear. Don't make us wait so long :).

  13. Congrats Glenda!!!! I add my "well deserved" to the others- your work is wonderful!

  14. What greater an honour could you have than your Finnish Lake House being featured in a Finnish magazine :) Congratulations on both features.

  15. Congrats Glenda...another well deserved from me too xx