Friday, May 14, 2010

So many ideas, so little time!

Dreaming big in miniature!!

I thought I'd share my list of want-to-do-projects with you. On re-reading it, I realise that a lot of my inspiration comes from the books that I read and love.
I'll never, ever get them all done (especially if I keep on being a perfectionist procrastinator), but I keep the list for ideas when I can't think forward, or need something new to make.
I've started to collect things for the ones marked *

Houses -

*Finnish lakehouse - have the kit and lots of items
*medieval enchanter's tower - ditto
*Hobbit hole - Sam Gamgee's childhood home
*modern - preferably a Paris Renfroe M112 pod
Russian dacha - wooden summerhouse in the woods
bronze/iron age roundhouse
New England lighthouse
Arts and Crafts house
shepherd's hut - Terry Pratchett's Granny Aching
*witch's cottage - Terry Pratchett's Granny Weatherwax
haunted house
airship gondola - Phil Reeve's Jenny Haniver
gyptian canalboat - Phil Pullman's Golden Compass
anything from Rosemary Sutcliff - my absolute fave author!
Doctor Who Tardis interior - my style!
space station
70s geodesic dome house
saxon barn

Settings/rooms -

*medieval stillroom
early medieval viking camp
anything elven from JRR Tolkien
*Tom Bombadil's room - JRR Tolkien
castle room - Judith Tarr's Kingdom of the Grail
Death's House - Terry Pratchett
*vampire hunter or vampire crypt
eastern theme - casbah, souk, mirrored temple
craft studio
art studio
Venetian masked ball
Egyptian archaeology site
Roman room

Settings/tables -

*witch - gathering baskets
medieval lady
medieval man - hunting table
*medieval scribe

People/dolls -

woodland sprites
Moorish astrologer
St Francis of Assisi
the nac mac Feegles - Terry Pratchett

And I have very full documents/favourites/scrapbook of resources!! I used to work in a library and my alter-ego is an archivist. Happy to share.
Thanks, Ira!!


  1. Oh your list is fab! There you see, no laughing :)

    I had to do some googling to get some idea of some of your wishlist things and they all looked good :)

    I especially would love to see the Finnish lakehouse (pics please), the dacha, Arts and Crafts house, gyptian canalboat (I loved the movie), all Tolkien stuff, The Death's house, all vampire stuff, Venetian masked ball, Egypt and Rome and all the dolls, especially the ghost, woodland sprites and Mr. Assisi.

    And a big relief - your list is WAY longer than mine, so I'm not the only mad mini person :D

    There's so many things that would be wonderful to do, but some of them would be so difficult that I don't even try - any carved wood/stone is out of my league.

    Have a great weekend, I'm dreaming of my perfect miniatures - and then waking up to the reality :D


  2. I'm so exhausted from just reading your list I need to have a cup of tea and a good lie down to recover ;)

  3. Amazing list. Like Norma, I may need a cup of tea, now :)

    I've got a few Pratchett settings on the list of miniatures I'd like to do myself -- interesting.

  4. Oh, my goodness! You are quite ambitious.

    I'd be happy just to get my dollhouse wired. ;)

    I have perfected the art of procrastination. ;)

  5. Such wonderful visuals flying through my head as I read your list!

  6. I think that a very big part of the fun of making miniatures is actually the planning part. And I think that it's not necessary to even try to finish all the ideas, because the planning is so enjoyable and satisfying itself. But your list there, wow!... that is absolutely fabulous, so many amazing ideas, I love them all! I ones counted my minidoll ideas and when I reached 63, well... Needless to say but I'm never going to finish them all. :)

  7. Wooooow!!!! I exhausted too. I do have a list too, but without writing it down, I´m sure it´s not as extended as yours and Iras.

    But I agree, there are a lot of fabulous visuel pictures to get from your list. We want to see some inspirational pictures...

    Thinking about making a list too...hmmm...

  8. All my pictures are in my head!!
    They are from what I 'see' when I read books - if a movie is made of a book I like, it's usually totally separate from my own visualisation. Lord of the Rings, The Golden Compass, etc are great movies but don't (for me) have the depth of imagery-with-emotion that I get while reading. However I did love Peter Jackson's Bag End, and now it sits happily in my mind when reading LotR, but my Rivendell is completely different, thank goodness!

  9. That is quite an ambitious list! I would just love to finish Joanna's house at this point and for my husband to finish my log cabin! Often between work, household chores, three children's activities, etc., it doesn't seem either will ever be completed.


  10. Wow! It will keep you busy Glenda! Good luck :) Hope to see all the project here:)

  11. Great ideas! I love the geodesic dome house idea. I can't wait to see them ;-)!

  12. I love the planning and visualising of a project even if it later may fall by the wayside. It's much better than counting sheep when the husband is snoring away!

    If you work through this list or even half will you also have to move house yourself or build an extension! Now that would be a costly dolls house.

    Loved reading through it, so many inspirational ideas. I am a great Pratchett fan, I think I am in love with Sam!

  13. Jody - 'finishing a house' - what does that mean?? ;)

    Lil'La and Janice - yes, I enjoy the planning, and yes, while I'm lying awake in the night. Or in the shower. Sometimes the planning leads you to other things you wouldn't have dreamed of, or a project just dictates - it makes itself and you are carried along in its wake.

  14. Glenda, I have 5 on my lists including the tribal house I am now building. Those 6 projects will probably take about 10 years. Hahaha, I just amended 5 to 6.

    Did you watch Robin Hood? If you want to add one more to your list, watch it :).

  15. Which Robin Hood? - there are so many! ;)

    I did watch the BBC 'Merlin' just for Gaius's workshop - the props were great!

    Love your village house, BTW!!

  16. It's the most recent one with Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett :).

    Thank you :)

  17. WOW thats some list!!!! I have the procrastination gene too hahahaa its the worst type eh! my 'to-do' list is as long as your wish list, longer if you include the wish bit as well!!! ... I darent list mine as I fear there isnt enough paper in the world long enough to write it all on!!!