Thursday, May 13, 2010

Two new rya rugs on Etsy

At last!!

Well, I've finally finished these two modern rya rugs. They measure 5"x7" (13cm x 18cm) each, and that doesn't sound very much bigger than my other ones, but it was! Three times bigger.

A sharp incline on the learning curve!
Working the extra width was enough to make my RSI return, so it was slower than a snail's pace. The bright white for some reason on the test showed every single stitch, not a good look, so I had to re-design in alternating rows, as well as use more strands of thread in the pile.

And as for working with black!!! Not again. I could only work it in full sun, and even then my brain tried to fall out my ears.

However, I'm very pleased with them, and more pleased that they're finished!

They're listed in my Etsy shop (here).


  1. I can imagine the work you have done - I've done once a small one with long pile, not a scale one, and it was quite time consuming... The small ryas with some motif is something that we do in the elementary school and you can imagine how they look like - "happy" parents receiving wonderful gifts... :D

    And it they really need lots of thread, I have a 1:1 black rya rug in my livingroom and as it was this cheaper one, you can see the cloth/fabric underneath in some places.

  2. I can imagine the hard work they required! But they are just wonderful! I can't wait to start building my modern Mediterranean house so that I can start shopping! ;-))

  3. ooh, those are really neat. i really like the fibonacci one in your shop too!

  4. Wow, absolutely gorgeous! So much work, and so beautiful. I would love to see the room they end up in.

  5. They both look great! What a lot of work but it has paid off with beautiful results.

  6. Ira - I can imagine those kids with their little ryas - the parents can't exactly stick 'em on the fridge like they do with paintings! I had to make clunky cross stitch pot holders on hessian, when mum had already taught me fine embroidery.
    I've been tempted by the rya kits at, but it's just too much work for someone who loves minis!

    Anthoula - nice to have you back! I can still make the smaller rugs, it was the extra width that killed my hands.

    LifeAdorned - thanks - the 60s rugs were so much fun to make!

    Mini Dork - thanks! The room I'd really like to be able to put these in is a Paris Renfroe M112 pod - but I just can't afford one, let alone the shipping to New Zealand - when I win the lottery . . .!! and I have to get my other two little houses built first before I start anything new.


  7. Those are so beautiful, Glenda. I can imagine all sorts of interiors in which they'd work like a charm!