Thursday, June 17, 2010

Life before minis - bobbin lace

Another craft dealt a fatal blow by the nerve damage I sustained 14 years ago - I was heart-broken, as this was my absolute favourite thing in the world!! I had just started in earnest to design my own lace, and was flying high when I was halted abrubtly.
I gave away a lot of lace, so I haven't got much left.
I started as most lacemakers do, with the more traditional lace techniques - point ground (that's the one with the typical fine hexagonal background stitch), torchon (the easiest, on a square grid) and tape lace.
Detail - the horseshoe shaped collar took over 100 pairs of lace bobbins at the widest part. It took over 100 hours to make.

Modern lace - my favourite, especially the lace designed by Jana Novak at Moravia Lace, and Eeva Liisa Kortelahti in Finland.

Above is a lace picture of leaves, adapted from a design by Jana Novak.

Are there any other lacemakers who also make minis out there?


  1. OMG!!!!!!!!! Glenda that is just beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am so sorry you cannot make lace anymore. Did you ever do any surface hand embroidery?
    That is something I gave up to come back to miniatures.

  2. OOPS! How silly, I was so wraped up in the lace I missed it.

  3. Catherine - I did start free-style embroidery when I had to give up fine cross stitch (I refuse to do coarse cross stitch!), but it got blown away when I started minis and hasn't been seen since!!!

  4. Que maravilla de encajes, son un autentico tesoro, preciosas!!!
    besitos ascension

  5. absolutely gorgeous! I've never seen lace being handmade before- I had no idea it took so many bobbins!

  6. Glenda, your skill and versatility leaves me full of admiration. I thought the laces were the work of fairies only...
    You are truly an artist and I am happy to admire your works old and new :-)

  7. Fantásticos encajes,me alegro de encontrar su blog, mi admiración, besos:)

  8. Lovely! I am also a bobbin-lacemaker, and am totally addicted. I'm so sorry about your nerve damage. Could you tell me where the pattern for the horseshoe-shaped Bucks Point collar came from? It is gorgeous. I'd really like to do it. Thanks!