Thursday, June 17, 2010

Life before minis - weaving

Warning - no minis here - just me wittering on about my past craft lives!!
Weaving is a craft which I was pursuing before the miniatures bug claimed me - I haven't done any for some time now! I have two small portable rigid heddle looms, and have made a lot of scarves, most of which I gave as gifts. My favourite yarn is Noro silk and wool mix, which is so beautifully dyed, and the texture is yummy!! The three scarves at top left are of this yarn. The shawl is a moebius shawl, made as a rectangle and twisted once before joining the seam. This works so well as a shawl or scarf, as it sits so comfortably! This was made from rectangles made on a hand-held 6" x 4" Weavette loom, and crocheted together.

The white shawl at the bottom left is a true piece of retro!! I made it in the 1970s 'back to the land' era - I kept the sheep, I did the shearing myself, spun the wool and crocheted the shawl. Totally hand-made!! The sheep was part merino, so the wool was extremely fine and soft. And because the fleece was so dense, it took me ages to shear the poor sheep - it fell asleep while I was doing it!!!

I love thread and textiles - and I wasn't surprised when I did family history to find that one branch of my family were in the textile industry in Bradford in Yorkshire in the mid 19th century. It just feels right to me when I work with thread or yarn.


  1. I am glad you did this post, Glenda. Firstly, those shawls are so gorgeous! My sister will go nuts for them. I am not a shawl person but my sis SuZ is. The one with all the colours is right up my alley though.

    I lived in a farm (of course) when I was holidaying in NZ a few years back. They showed us how to shear a sheep. I will love to learn how to spin my own wool and weave. When I first started mini-ing, I checked online for miniature carpets and found this IGMA artisan who weave Persian carpets the traditional way except in miniature. They were incredibly beautiful pieces!

  2. Gosh, Glenda, you are sooo talented Lady!
    As a city child I can't even imagine shearing the sheep - I always thought they are not pleased when you strip them off and you say the sheep was asleep!:D
    I love every and each piece of the works you shared with us in non-mini posts. They are just fab!

  3. Fantastic. You're multiskilled and very talented at that. I used to love embroidery and have actually a big work laying around half done...... I also do bobbin lace, but the problem with that is that you can't take it up and work for a few minutes in your spare moments. At least, I can't. I always have to work back in my mind to find what I've done last and "How did it go again?" :-) I also love folk art painting, but minis is my foremost love and there just aren't enough hours in the day......

  4. Hi Glenda,

    When my wife and I moved to England recently I made sure the scarf you wove for me was in my hand luggage.

    Best wishes,


  5. Mrion - good to meet another miniaturist who also makes lace!

    Hugh - online!! Hope the move is going well - at least you're in summer now!
    Love from Glenda

  6. Allo' allo'! :)

    I'm curious about the moebius. Do you think a knitted moob' scarf or shawl would hang/drape as well as a woven one? And my second question stems from the first - any idea how wide one could be, for making into a shawl rather than a scarf?


  7. Allo Anna!!

    Moebius is even better knitted!! It drapes wonderfully! There are instructions online, it involves a circular needle and a single twist on the first row (I think) and then you just keep knitting!!


  8. Oy, I guess I will have to learn to knit, after all. ^_^ Just as well I have a friend who can teach me.