Sunday, June 20, 2010

Some ceramics and pottery for your viewing pleasure

No current minis to put up a post about - at the moment I'm finishing orders and working on a swap with the lovely Sans, so instead I thought you might enjoy some eye candy -

Miniature ceramics are one of my very favourite things. I can't make them myself, but I admire the skill of those miniaturists who can. So I collect them, and simply enjoy them. Most are destined for my various houses and settings not yet made.
Clockwise from top left:
Pottery bowls by JDWolfe at Etsy
Group of four fine art pots by Jon Almeda , bought on some of his rare eBay auctions.
Nesting bowls, also pitcher and beakers by Marie-Luce Pelletier at SP Miniatures
Large bowl from Merry Gourmet Miniatures
Green teapot by Sam Dunlap at SP Miniatures
Three mugs, decorative plate, candle holder by Jane Graber at SP Miniatures
Jugs from the French pottery collection at SP Miniatures
Cider mug and pottery inkwell by Butt Hinge at SP Miniatures
Three Tudor slipware items from Duncan White at Small Wonders Miniatures
Five pottery bowls by Alex Meiklejohn at SP Miniatures
Small bowl and very large garden bowl by Carol Mann , Carol's work is also at Ann High, a fabulous site for medieval items!!
Green pottery by Jason Feltrope - sorry I can't find any links for Jason.
Crocks and stoneware bought at the Sydney Miniatures Show - sorry I can't remember the makers.

And lastly, here's a colonial walk-in fireplace and fire tools by Braxton Payne - this is going to be in my hobbit hole.
Hope you enjoyed these!


  1. Lovely pottery! Thanks for the links to all of the artisans! I love it too and if I could do it, I would make Majolica ware in miniature.
    It's on my lengthy to-do list.


  2. I am going to start working on my swap with you this evening :). It's been so crazy over here this weekend I barely have any time for my minis :):).

    I own some Alex Meiklejohn's ceramics that I bought from ebay :). I love ceramics, real life and minis as well. Yours are so lovely. No a single piece that I don't want for myself! (Shoot, speaking in double negative again. I do that on Monday mornings ..LOL)

  3. Nice collection Glenda, and I love the walk-in fireplace.

  4. Sans! Absolutely no hurry for the swap!!


  5. You have a great collection of pottery! I enjoyed seeing it. Thank you for the links. I found something I have been looking for.

  6. Wonderful pottery and thanks for the links :) Btw, your stuff is still here as I feel that I need to some more minies to send there as with the same postage I can still add things :D So be patient :D

  7. Beautiful collection! Thanks for sharing the links!:)

  8. Ira - no hurry! How much is there?? Shall I order a special plane? ;)


  9. Catherine - glad the list has helped!


  10. Hi Glenda. I love the walk in fireplace, which is fantastic.
    The cermaics you have bought are all beautiful and i really like your taste. Theres not one i dont love!
    I have also enjoyed reading your previous posts on textiles and sewing etc. Again i really like your taste and choices with this too.
    Nikki xxx

  11. Dear Glenda
    Your envelope arrived today. Thank you so much for the beautiful things!

  12. Thankyou so much Nikki for your kind comments!

  13. Gracias por los enlaces!!!!
    Enhorabuena por esa preciosa coleccion.
    besitos ascension

  14. Muchisimas gracias Glenda por los enlaces.
    Son todas una preciosidad.
    Menuda colección de ceramica tienes.
    El fondo de chimenea es de lo más real.
    Besitos, May

  15. What a wonderful collection! And thanks for sharing the links. I'm going to grab a cup of coffee and work my way through them. :)

    The fireplace is perfect for the Hobbit Hole.
    When can I move in? :) :)