Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ab fab printies from Norma, and a floor test

Oh, I love mail!! Norma has sent a wonderful gift of printies - and they are perfect for my projects!! Norma has a knack for knowing the exact thing to send, and she has outdone herself here!!! :)))))

She has sent me two medieval tapestries, some parchments, and some open books - every one of these will have pride of place in either my witch or medieval settings!
And the open books have beautifully 'faded' printed covers! They're beautiful!! Thankyou so much, Norma!

Lakehouse flooring test

I did a quick preview of the lakehouse floors last night, and I'm considering the result in today's light. I wanted the floor to be a pale birch colour, and found some in my box of veneer samples. It is actually a Tasmanian eucalypt, with fine figuring. Unfortunately it splits easily, and the grain runs slightly skewed to where I want the board markings.

I was greatly encouraged by reading Nina's flooring experiences - thankyou, Nina!!
The first thing I tried was to score the lines with a fine embossing tool - this didn't work, as the lines were invisible except where they crossed the grainy bits where they widened and threatened to split the veneer. Any scoring of plank ends across the veneer went all splintery.
I tried pencilling lines in the score marks, and they had the same effect of thickening every so often.
Then I tried simple pencil lines without scoring it first, but when it was in place in the house, they looked far too dark.

Out with my colouring pencils - I tried four shades of gold and brown, and I think I've found the one that will work, and when the plank ends and nail holes are marked, it looked even better.
A quick wash with 1:1 PVA to water, to seal it, and it's good!


  1. Your gifts are great Glenda, Norma has been busy, she is a woman of many talents. Your flooring looks good, am still trying to decide on mine, I would like painted wood floors but not sure which wood to use yet.

  2. great gifts! and cant wait to see the floors done!

  3. The floors look wonderful. Norma IS a witch...this proves it :) CM

  4. Wonderful gifts!!

    I like your flooring experiment too, saving that tip.

  5. Norma's gifts are fab, I love those tapesteries and the faded bookcovers are just amazing :) And the floor looks really nice, good that you chose birch as the cabins usually have pine floor which I hate :D

  6. Absolutely fab gifts you've got Glenda! Norma's printies are amazing!:)
    The floor is looking good so far!

  7. Congratulations, beautiful gifts, you're so lucky! I want to see your next project with these printables...greetings

  8. Thankyou for visiting and commenting, ladies - you're always welcome!!

  9. Enhorabuena por esos preciosos regalos!!!!
    besitos ascension

  10. I'm in love of all things sent from Norma: they are perfect!
    And your floor is fabulous: The lake home will be beautiful :-)
    Mini hugs, flora

  11. These are such lovely items to receive - every one a gem - you are lucky!

  12. ¡Que maravilla de regalos! Los tapices, escritos y libros son una maravilla.
    Enhorabuena a ti por tenerlos y a Norma por esas maravilla que hace.
    Besitos, May