Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A strange noise on the lawn this morning

My poppets have arrived! They didn't like the frost at all!!


  1. You have your very own Doctor Who tardis, the only way for Poppets to travel! lol lol
    Just wonderful! :o)

    Michelle xx

  2. lol :D I really have to have a poppet of my own, I just love how they stare up to you - silly human :D Now you have to make a house for your poppets :D

  3. How cool you have a TARDIS too! (Even though mine's a SARDIS as you know :-))
    And I love your poppets and how they gaze up at the sky!

  4. LMAO at your Tardis :-)

    These poppets are wonderful...I really want one but i must buy curtains first lol.

  5. Love the poppets and the Tardis Glenda, did you make the Tardis? I also want a poppet.

  6. The poppets are cute but the Tardis is awesome!! Did you make it? Where is Dr. Who? With your own Tardis you can come and visit all your admiring followers!

  7. Pubdoll - I love your SARDIS!!
    My TARDIS is nearly 1:12, so I suppose it's my only 'completed' dollhouse!! It makes the weird noises, and spins around.

    Margaret - I bought the TARDIS on eBay, a ready made collector's item - one day I want to make my own version of the interior - such a fun room!

    Susan - I really can't afford to start buying the Doctor Who figurines, there are sooo many!
    My favourite Doctor was the ninth, BTW :)

    I do intend to try to make 1:12 sonic screwdrivers, and leave one in each of my dollhouses - the Doctor does get around!!

    And I just looove my poppets - even Alan has a soft spot for them! As you say, Ira - silly humans! :)))

  8. Great great great!! The Poppet-that-Lives-in-Poland warmly greets the Poppets that live in New Zealand! He made his silly human write he is very happy they arrined home safely and fast and wishes them all the best!:D

  9. Ewa, please thank your poppet friend for his welcome to mine! I haven't told them yet that there isn't a dollhouse finished for them, I'll have to hurry it up!! They look like good supervisors!
    Aren't poppets great to have around!! :)))

  10. Oh! A dollhouse for them! Wow! Can't wait to see it! Glad mine is not around right now - I am at work;) He still thinks the office is his! ;D

  11. We love Dr Who too and never miss an episode. Dean has a tardis just like that, do you he'll notice if it goes missing from his windowsill and lands in Gertie's garden? ;0) I'm intrigued by these poppets and am to have a look :0)
    Julia xxx

  12. I have a Tardis too ha ha! Mine doesn't have any poppet's just a David Tenant figure!