Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I thought I'd share with you how I trim feathers for my potion bottles :)
You can trim them to all sorts of shapes and sizes.
Choose a feather with nice detail up near the top of the spine. Here is the method using guinea fowl feathers - they have little 'eyes' which show up well.

1. Choose a feather

2. On one side, split it to where you want the base of your mini feather to be. With one hand, grasp the top of the feather between thumb and fore-finger, and with the other hand grasp the unwanted portion and pull it away from the rachis (the centre shaft). It should peel away cleanly.

3. Repeat on the other side, to make it symmetrical.

4. With small sharp scissors, trim one side to approximate shape. Fine trimming can be done after step 5.

5. Trim the other side to match, or you can make it asymmetrical if you wish - see the shapes in the group photo.
Now do any fine trimming to neaten it to shape. It is easier to do any fine trimming 'against the grain' from top to bottom - if you do it the other way it will slide away from the scissors.

Here below is the same process with a different type of feather.

I buy my feathers here in New Zealand from Feathergirl. She offers a good mix of at 200 tiny mixed feathers which are great for us minimakers.
She posts overseas, but it is the buyer's responsibility to deal with any customs or import restrictions their country may have.
BTW the NewZealand dollar is cheap! Hmmm, I'm on the wrong side of this exchange rate :(

Happy mini making!



  1. Oh wow! It is a lot of work! I love the shape of feathers after trimming!

  2. This is really very well conceived. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Glenda, thank you so much for sharing this wonderful tip. I was always so apprehensive handling feathers, not wanting to "hurt" them. Not any more with the tutorial! :):)

    And thank you so much for offering to send me the pins. I like your suggestion to drill first and then glue the pin in. I will try that with thin wires and see if that works :). I think it should.

  4. Que maravilloso trabajo has hecho.
    Gracias por la explicacion, ha sido muy interesante.
    Feliz fin de semana
    besitos ascension

  5. ¡Excelente explicación! Siempre me preguntaba cómo lo hacias.
    Besos Clara

  6. A woman who loves Terry Pratchett and lives in her own "Discworld" is to be admired indeed!