Friday, September 17, 2010

Gleanings from nature

I think miniaturists may be just a bit obsessed sometimes . . .
We had a picnic lunch at the beach a few days ago when the sun was shining. I was idly beachcombing when I saw that there were a lot of little dead crabs. Alan got a fright at my shriek of delight - 'dragon's teeth!!' He helped me gather a whole lot.
I can use the whole claw as a dragon jaw, or cut the tips for teeth - perfect for my little dragon scene :)
And how about this - big grape pips make instant bird skulls - if you hollowed out the eye sockets while they are still soft, let them dry out, then paint them black you'd have raven skulls.


  1. They're fabulous finds Glenda - although I'm very glad there weren't other people around when you started shrieking "Dragon's teeth" - only another miniaturist (and dear Alan) could possibly understand that you hadn't completely lost your mind!!

  2. Oh that's funny Glenda! I shriek for odd things sometimes and scare my husband half to death too!

    I was working clay once, in front of the TV and looked down at it as I folded, then unfolded a really thick piece. I made some sort of weird shriek and then yelled "I found the ice cream!", as I had just found the perfect ice cream texture that I had given up on months ago. :) He had no clue what I was talking about and just asked if I had to keep doing that all the time.

  3. They are both fantastic. I think its perfectly normal to collect such items and can be seen collecting the ddest items too. There is a garden centre near me and reckon they think im mad, but in the car park they have the tiniest little weeds with the most beautiful yellow flower, i dry out and use on potions. Didnt mange to get any this year. I dont go in the garden centre but just stop there to collect the weeds, lol,

  4. They are both great finds!! LOL at our mini thoughts!!

  5. Good idea for dragon's teeth. I have a never ending supply of them right by my workshop.

  6. Glenda, when I saw the photo, I had realized before reading!
    We can recover pretty much everything (and I say no more !)...
    Sometimes I think the eyes of others, the "normal", we are able to be even a little pathetic.
    But not matter, when you have dragon's teeth so nice!

  7. Una gran idea!!!!
    Las que hacemos miniaturas siempre miramos las cosas, intentando adaptarlas a nuestras minis jejeje
    Lo pero es que la gente que esta a nuestro alrededro se contagia y de vez en cuando tambien te traen cosas que te pueden servir jejeje
    Es como una enfermedad!!!!
    Feliz fin de semana
    besitos ascension

  8. Superb ideas! Love them both! And very true -only miniaturist can see something different in the ordinary things ;D

  9. OMG!!! Perfect!!! Glenda, you have THE EYE!!!

  10. Love the raven skulls! Brilliant. i can see one attached to a potion bottle.

    Victoria ♥

  11. but of course... its obvious now you mention it!!! LOL great tip x

  12. Glenda, you clever clever gal. The grape pips do look like raven skulls. I love them !