Monday, September 27, 2010

Thankyou for your kind comments

Thanks so much for your lovely comments about my lakehouse in my previous post :)

I realise that the lady who lives in the lakehouse is my alter ego! She is neat and serene, but I'm not! Dear Alan laughed out loud - he's threatening to post photos of my messy house!!

And as my little guardian poppets keep telling me, no, it's not finished :) There is still the outdoor boardwalk to make, as well as a sauna - essential! I told them I need something different to do now, and they won't let me rest! No relaxation where they are . . .

So I have told them that I'm going to start my next mini house. It's a tower for a medieval enchanter. I'm including a fantasy aspect so that I'm not totally restricted to purely medieval elements - in other words, I want to cheat outrageously and include all sorts of fun stuff :)

I hope that satisfies the poppets - they won't stop *looking* at me!!


  1. I am looking forward to your next project. :-)

    As far as cheating goes... Personally, I find adhering to historical correctness rather boring. I like breaking the rules in a few places. With things that are aesthetically pleasing that hopefully have style and imagination.

  2. I was really amused when I read that you thought the sauna is essential when this house does not have a bathroom :):) And then I realised , of course, this is a lakehouse!! Who needs a bathroom when there's a lake and the bushes !So a most resounding YES to building a sauna..essential indeed !:)

    I am happy to see that you are already going to start on the medieval tower :) and that you are breaking the rules :). Like Catherine, I think strict adherence is definitely not my cup of tea. Not fun enough :):).

    Glenda, maybe the poppets kept looking at you because of your breathtaking beauty and they could not keep their eyes off you? :)

  3. Hahaha, that'll be the day, Sans!! No way! They're just bossy and impatient :)

  4. Can't wait to see this sauna AND the tower! Sounds so cool!:D

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  6. Those poppets are freaking me out Glenda - they don't just stare at you, they seem to 'know' something they ought not to ;)

  7. Who would have thought these poppets could be so demanding... ? Congratulations on your lakehouse, it's gorgeous, even without a sauna (Did you hear this, poppets?!) Your new plans sound very exciting, can't wait to see you start. I agree that it's more fun to do it a little more free-style and allow fantasy to come in.

    Have a nice week!

  8. oH! a sauna!!! Wow this is challenging...I love the idea.
    Congratulations on your lakehouse, all the comments are really well deserved, it is so special.
    I am sure that your poppets will be satisfied :)

  9. This sounds such a fabulous idea. I fancied doing a tower too....the issue is as always to do with space!

    I can't wait to see you get started! :o))

    Michelle xx

  10. I love the sound of your new project and can't wait to follow it. Hopefully you'll be starting soon!

  11. In the tower you can leave dust and cobwebs :-)

  12. Flora - yes!! A bit of organic content will be essential!! :)