Saturday, March 13, 2010

Flowers and vases

Since I've had no joy at all this week making things - Murphy's Law - I'd like to share some flowers and vases from my collection.

The ivy and Queen Anne's lace are from kits by Bonnie Lavish (here)- I added some Flower Soft to the top of the Queen Anne's lace. It's in a vase by Jon Almeda. His handmade ceramics are amazing! (here)
The lilacs are from a kit by Ruth Hanke at Hanky Panky Crafts (here). They are in a green glass vase from Kerbey Lane Miniatures at eBay (here).
The daisies and lily-of-the-valley pots are from kits by SDK Miniatures (here). I 'mossed up' the pots with a little acrylic paint. The daisies are in a turned wood vase by Berties Miniatures at eBay (here) and his Etsy shop (here).

If you're of a witchy or medieval mind, check out the gothic furniture kits in three scales at SDK minis while you're there.


  1. Pretty flowers! I have made an ivy from a Bonnie Lavish kit but I really intend to buy some ivy punches. Now caladiums, that's on my to-do list but every time I try to paint them, I can't them quite right.


  2. Jody - caladiums look hard to paint! I'm not good with fine detail in paint.

  3. wow- amazing! I love all of them! I just bought a daffodil kit from Hanky Panky but it is sitting on my desk because I am kind of scared of it! I think I feel inspired to go for it now- you did a beautiful job on all of your kits Glenda!

  4. Hello Glenda and congratulations !
    I have a little prize for you in my blog. Please send me your address by email. You can find my email in my Blogger profile. Larissa :)

  5. They look great Glenda! Thank you for sharing the links too.
    I really love what flowers do for a miniature setting. I have just put together 5 different colors of Bonnie's Zinnia kits.

  6. I like the look of wild flowers best - but they're so much harder to make than hot-house specimens.

  7. Really beautiful flowers and love how you have put them together. Even though kits look like they are almost complete minus the glueing they really are not. You have done a great job making them come to life with all the shaping and colouring. Putting them togeteher so well takes forever and a day.
    I keep putting my kits off becxause i know it means aboyt a week of flower makin.
    I love the wild flowers too.
    Nikki xxx