Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thankyou giveaways to followers!

I can't believe that I have 66 followers! When I started my blog I didn't really think that anyone would want to know about my ramblings and inventions. But here you are!! Thankyou!
I know that I have neglected to name you all, but I do welcome you whenever you visit, and I'm trying to keep up with reading your own blogs. There's such a lot of amazing work there!

As a thanks I'm offering five different giveaways - to enter, all you have to do is be a follower, and make a comment here - if you give an indication of your preference(s), it will help to decide the choice when I draw the names, which will be on the 31st of March.

1. Leather bucket and costrel (drinking bottle) - for a medieval, Tudor or colonial setting.
2. Wizard's set - hexagonal shag-pile rug in black and purple, and 4 Harry Potter wands 1.5" (3.75cm) long.
3. Feathers and shells - the feathers at the back are finely detailed and can be cut down like the 3 near the peacock feather. The feathers on the left are real miniature peacock feathers, and some have a green shine. The shells I gathered from local beaches - the longest is half an inch (1.25cm) long.
4. Rugs set - the thick-pile blue and purple rug is 4.75" (12cm) long.
5. Baskets set. The two baskets on the left are based on a pattern by Kat the Hat (Dollshouse World Dec 2007). See her Witchy Blog (here)
6. Baskets set
7. Baskets set

I'm happy to post anywhere worldwide.


  1. I'm not surprised you are constantly adding followers Glenda :) Thanks for the give-away offer, I'd love a chance to win the rugs (altho of course everything is wonderful!)

  2. Congratulations on number 66....all your give-aways are wonderful :)

  3. Congratulations on your many followers. Your minis are all so lovely. Thank you for offering a giveaway. I'm partial to the leather bucket and costrel.

  4. Es un placer ser seguidora suya, y gracias por los regalos que nos ofrece, cualquier cosa regalada con cariƱo, es bienvenida.
    Un abrazo Carmen

  5. Congratulations on your followers and so kind of you to do a give away. How do you choose? But if I have to it would have to be number one or number two, both would fit well in Diagon Alley.
    Thank you x

  6. Congratulations!!
    They are beautiful give-aways, I like the leather bucket and costrel the most, they are wonderful

  7. Glenda is a wonderful giveaway!
    Congratulations on your followers, and being one of them I can tell you it's so simple:you are so talented and it's a pleasure to follow your work!
    I adore the rags and the baskets! ;-))

  8. Hallo Glenda,
    congratulations on your followers.
    I like the rugs set and the baskets.

  9. Wow! Congrats for your 66 followers.
    I love all your gifs but the baskets are so originals...Miniregards,Sonia.

  10. Hi! Congratulations! I think the baskets are lovely!

  11. Dear Glenda
    Thank you so much for your kindness! You offer presents once again do I stand a chance? I've just broken a leg and have to stay put for the next 5 weeks! thias certrainly would cheer me up. I fancy the handbags or baskets.
    take care

  12. Glenda,
    It is no wonder you have so many followers. There are always such interesting miniatures to see. Your craftsmanship is just beautiful!
    On the very slim chance my name is drawn in your lovely give away, I would like the prize to be sent to Neomi.
    Cheer up ((((Neomi))) I hope you heal quickly!

  13. Your ramblings are the most interesting to read, so no wonder so many followers :)

    You're making this hard - I love the baskets and the feathers and shells but then again the wands are so qute and, and, and... :D

    Just have a fab week,


  14. Glenda, congratulations on the followers (and I'm included in that number!). This is a lovely giveaway. I could use those wands in my wizard house. :)


  15. Neomi - so sorry to hear that you've broken your leg! Life can change so suddenly, yes?
    I hope you can find fun things to occupy yourself.
    Best wishes from Glenda

  16. Hi Glenda.
    Lovely give away you are doing and wonderful handcrafted items. I love everything and would not for the life of me be able to pick.

    I have been searching in my old emails for your email, but cant find it. I wanted to thank you for the beautiful gifts you sent. I am terrible for not being organised with my address book there.
    Your gifts arrived yesterday morning and apologies i have taken so long to thank you.
    I'm totally in awe of everything you sent and love everything. I'm so proud to own them and amazed. The spider web i so so love, and it will go in my witches bedroom when i finally can work on it again.
    Tomorrow i will post pictures of everything on my blog and put a link to your blog if that is ok with you?
    I know everyone else will fall in love with all your work too.
    Thank you for being so kind.
    Nikki xxx

  17. Thanks for your kind comments, Nikki - I'm more than happy for you to put a link to me on your blog!

  18. Congrats on making a successful following. I am in love with the baskets!! Those would be my number one choice ;)

  19. Glenda- I am also not surprised you have 68 followers now. Your work is amazing-so detailed!

  20. Gefeliciteerd met de volgelingen.
    Ik hou van een van de manden en anthoter artikelen ook leuk.

  21. Glenda congratulations! You are on 70 followers already ;-)
    I would love to win the baskets.

  22. Well Done Glenda :-) Keep up the good work on your fab blog page. I would love to win the feathers for my hats :-) tee hee.

  23. Such an interesting view to the miniworld, thank you! Nice to find you. If I won, baskets set would be great. ;)

  24. Congratulations on your achievement... it is always a wonderful feeling to see more followers being added to ones blog. Like all the hard work is paying off.
    I have enjoyed my visit and love those little baskets. Thanks for sharing.

  25. WOW!!! This is really some wonderful candy.. Thanks for a chance to win..
    saluti dall'italia public tomorrow the post on
    Hugs, rosa
    i am new follower
    I have enjoyed my visit and love those little baskets

  26. Congratulations on having many followers!I would like to participate in this give away, the gifts are precious! I announce in my blog on my right sidebarand I'm new follower! Regards

  27. congratulations on the 66 followers! (right now allready 78 I see!) I think you'll have many more followers in the near future, you have such a lovely blog. The give away items are all beautifull!

  28. Hi Glenda, I just found your blog and love your minis, in particular your handmade baskets, they are perfect!

  29. Hello
    Your baskets are really nice, but if I would
    win I would like the drinking bottle and
    the bucket because they would be perfect in
    one of my projects!

    Eva J


  31. Congratulations!
    I would like to participate in this give away, the gifts are precious!
    I love the basket n° 5.

  32. 80 followers now :-) And you deserve everyone of them. Your blog is a treat to read.

    If I were to win I'd pick any of the baskets so I can fill them with flowers.

  33. Your growing fast Glenda. Congratulations and thanks for blogging.

  34. felicidades por todos los verdad es un placer ver tus trabajos, asi que enhorabuena y suerte a todos¡¡¡

  35. Thanks for following my blog and kind comments. I love the baskets!!

  36. hola Glenda!, ahora son 81 los seguidores, acabo de descubrir tu blog y por lo que veo tienes maravillas! enhorabuena!!

  37. I love the costrel and bucket, very nice.

  38. Hi, I have only just found your blog and become a follower. Your baskets are wonderful :0)
    Julia x

  39. Hi Glenda!
    I just found your blog by following Nikkis link. You make great things! I especially love your baskets/handbags.
    Love, Susanne

  40. Lovely blog! I just found your place here and look forward to going back and reading previous posts and seeing all of your miniature creations. Please enter me in your drawing....I have a passion for baskets and these are wonderful!

  41. Thank you the opportunity for a give away. I would love some of the lovely baskets.

  42. Hi Glenda. Now I'm officially your follower, number 91, I think :) Thank you for blogging your work, everything looks wonderful.

    Larissa :)

  43. Hi Glenda... And thank you for the nice comment on my blog. Now you´ve got one more follower, and one more to add to the list of people who would love to own one of your beautiful trays or baskets ;0)

  44. hi Glenda ,
    I wonder who won....
    Best Regards