Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mini-free zone

I started by searching for something, and ended up finding things I hadn't looked at for a very long time.
This clothing is based on archaeological finds - the yellow and brown is Finnish Viking (traders not raiders!), and the white and blue is Anglo-Saxon. The fabric is linen and wool, and all visible seams are handsewn in stitches known in those time periods. The accessories are modern-made reproductions of authentic pieces. The belts are card-woven.
The flared undergowns are each cut from a single large rectangle of fabric, with nothing wasted - if you spin and weave it yourself you want to use it all!
My efforts aren't totally accurate (and the shoes are modern), but it's fun to dress up!
There are also my little hoards - the one with beads is all Viking, and the other is neolithic, Roman and Anglo-Saxon.
I never found what I was looking for.


  1. What lovely treasures you have!

    Could you at least remember what you were looking for? I sometimes get so sidetracked that I forget my original I was searching for!

  2. They look really nice :) I prefer the really old ones compared to the more recent Finnish national costumes (don't know the right word for it).

    I did order the ebay not-like-samovar which looked a bit like throphy, but as a bonus, the same seller had a trophy set also, so guess did I get that also :D


  3. Lize - I still haven't remembered what I was looking for. No doubt I'll think of it in the middle of the night.

    Ira - I love the old costumes. The new ones are nice but it seems to be so important to get every detail right, and anyway I'm not Finnish! I feel I can wear the ancient ones as I have general 'European' ancestry. I want to make mini ones, too.


  4. Oh, about forgotting what you're looking for, that's not bad - I sometimes get sidetracked while talking and then forget what I was initially telling...

    Can't wait to see the mini-costumes :)


  5. What a wonderful collection. I love them all displayed in a collage.

  6. Wow very impressive. I didn't realize you made full size costumes.

    Have you ever come across Kats blog. She is a miniaturist who also does a lot of full size renaissance costumes. You'll have to go back a little bit in her blog to find them.

  7. Thanks for the ref to Kat's blog - I'll spend some very happy time there.
    These costumes are generally very comfortable, apart from some of the jewellery. Most are copies of grave clothes, which seems ukky, but how else do we know what they looked like? Also they were buried in their 'sunday best', and I like to take the time to think those people and say hello in my mind.

  8. God, you're amazing with everything you make. Are you sure you dont have little elves there with all the wonderful stitching.
    Really clever and i love both outfits.
    Amazing photos of all the little bits and bobs. And what a fantastic collection.
    I've been trying to visit here for days but have kept running out of time. I've now finally managed to have a good read and look at all your beautiful work and totally in awe.
    I cant sew... totally pants at it. I just end up with knots and stictches the length of rulers, lol.
    I too get sidetracked... all the time. I can start looking at nice paper and end up looking at allsorts.
    Nikki xxx

  9. Thanks so much, Nikki! I like to handsew with natural fibres - polythingy gives me the jitters and knots up all the time, and sewing machines are a devil, too - they conspire against me.
    I wish I had your talent with polymer clay - I am in awe of your work!

  10. No problem....I think you'll really like reading about her costumes.

    I am like Nikki and can't sew to save my life. I have to learn though as I need a new duvet cover and can find the fabric I want but not one ready made :-)