Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lakehouse details

I've been compiling a list of most of the miniatures which are in the Lakehouse (see my previous post here), and I'd like to share this with you. I love these minis - they are the result of several years of collecting, and it's a pleasure to finally see them in place. I had many more which would also have been suitable - maybe I'll re-furnish one day . . .

Bonnie Lavish - Queen Anne's Lace kit (the white flowers in the summer wreath)
Carol Cook - bread, cheese board,
David Edwards - wooden recorder (on living room shelves)
Dolls House Emporium - The Retreat house kit, square window, green kitchen cabinet, kitchen shelves, white shelves, mirror, spiral stairs, boat, outdoor furniture set
Hanky Panky - lilacs kit
Kim's Miniatures - swedish style bed, table and chair in bedroom, swedish bread rings, thrush on deck
Kiva Atkinson - basket of mushrooms, onions, lemons, garlic, beetroot (Kiva on eBay here)
Marg's Minis - blueberry basket, raspberries
Sandie Coe - painting on bedroom wall - and Sandie's Etsy shop
SDK Miniatures - sofa and chair kits, daisy kit, lily of the valley kit
SP Miniatures - ceramics (see my previous post here), glassware (large green demijohn bottle and wine glasses by Ferenc Albert), apples, shallots, Sir Thomas Thumb wooden bucket
Taigakoru - silver fertility goddess and sun symbol (earrings)
Terence Stringer - poker work box in bedroom
Treefeathers - Tolkien books

Wood turnings - Bertie's, The Helmers, Turnings in Miniature,

eBay - various - mostly from Kerbey Lane, MainlyMinis, Susi's,

Swaps and gifts from friends :))))
Ira at Merry Jingle (where are you, Ira??) - glass birds, Finnish kitchen tins and glass jars, step-chair, wooden scoop, barbeque, poppies, swirled glass bottle in bedroom, fabric for sofa and chair, Finnish magazine, brown perfume bottle
Larissa at Lil'La - pocket watch
Lorraine at Dfly Creations - hardback books
Mirja at Happy Little Muffin - yummy sausages
Nikki at Witch and Wizard Miniatures - pale bowls, and cream plate and bowl on shelf
Norma at Make Mine Mini - divan at foot of bed

Made by me -
rugs, rya wallhanging, mat, coffee table, tray, basket, leather journals

The Sami (Lappish) wooden cup in curly birch was a souvenir of my trip to Finland. The woven bast shoes were bought a long time ago from a Russian miniatures website.

So, thankyou everyone!!

There is still an outdoor boardwalk to be made (think skis, skates, fishing gear . . .) as well as a sauna. :)



  1. Glenda, muchisimas gracias por la informacion sobre todos los grandes artesanos, ademas de los enlaces.
    besitos ascension

  2. Hi Glenda, I have been catching up on your blog and I think your lake house is beautiful. I love the straight lines mixed with a gorgeous welcoming yellow.
    Your ceramics and glass fit in perfectly and add to a relaxed, bohemian, holiday feel.
    The blue bedroom furniture is so pretty. Do you plan to paint the other pieces to match?
    I hope your house continues to give you much pleasure.

  3. Gracias, esta es una buena informaciĆ³n.
    Besos Clara

  4. This is a very useful list for us to source for items :). Thank you Glenda, for sharing!