Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tower progress

Here is the fledgling fireplace for the tower. I've had a good time researching medieval interiors, and fireplaces in particular. They must have been smokey affairs!!

I'm realising how much space fireplaces and stairs take up in a mini house. It seems to be possible to do without stairs (beam me up, Scottie!), but fireplaces are a basic comfort and the eye rests there. The heart and hearth of a dwelling. I do think that modern houses are somewhat lacking when the heat is delivered invisibly. Call me old fashioned . . .
And here is some of the furniture I'm considering. I'm going to have to make a medieval bed from scratch - that'll test me! The tudor rocking cradle is an eBay find, and I love it - I'll fit it in somehow :)

With this tower I'm having to make do with what I have on hand - hence the MDF fireplace base - I have ideas about camouflaging it - watch this space!



  1. Beautiful furniture! Can't wait to see more of the fireplace:)

  2. Estoy impaciente por ver como acabas esa chimenea.
    Que precioso muebles.
    besitos ascension

  3. Glenda, esta torre estará muy acogedora con la chimenea. Tus ideas en la torre quedarán preciosas.
    Besos Clara

  4. It all looks good so far. Love the detail on the cradle.

  5. This is such a wonderful project. I love the medieval furniture you have for it.

  6. I'm studying this with interest Glenda. I've been researching Medieval Quoin Stones and Hinges today for the Door. Love the Deep Carved Furniture, its beautiful.
    Thanks for the email about the pictures Glenda, I'm so glad you've got all the information you wanted. xxxx

  7. This is really exciting, can't wait to see your further progress...


  8. te va a quedar fantástica, con esa chimenea y esos pajaritos.
    Un abrazo

  9. Hi Glenda,

    It looks like you've found some really fabulous furniture. The tower will look great when you get it finished!

  10. Wow, love this stuff. Can't wait to see how it all comes together!


  11. Great furniture and a wow cradle, it's lovely.
    With the stairs you could put a piece of MDF to make a partion, it doesn't need to be wide, you then give the impression of a stairway by showing just the bottom two steps. We always get away with it LOL
    I have close up photos from Chirck Castle showing medieval walls and fireplaces and we have just put a similar fireplace in the 'little shop' If you want me to email the pics, let me know :)
    This project is going to be great :)
    Julia xxx

  12. You really have such an extensive amazing collection, Glenda. I am surprised you haven't built more homes. But with the speed you are doing now, I think we will see you churn out your houses in no time. At least 4 a year, I think.

    I am also a fireplace kind of gal :). We are not old fashioned , dear, we are romantic ! :):)

    I also found a way to make stairs more adaptable (quite by accident). Maybe no surprise to most of you. Will show on my blog soon :)

  13. Thanks, ladies!

    Julia - I saw the staircase trick - it's very clever and effective! I've solved my problem another way, though, will post soon on it.
    The medieval fireplaces are also similar to more recent scandinavian kitchen ones.

    Sans - whoa! four houses a year, I'd need to take over Alan's workroom as well!!
    The furniture collection has been quite random, and what you see is almost all I have.
    Fireplaces may be romantic, but chopping the wood sure isn't!

  14. Your tower seems like such a fun project and I love your furniture! The Tudor rocking cradle is wonderful, what a great find! And I love the ornamented counter (?) as well as the chair. They both reminds me of the altar table and chairs in our church (it's 110 years old, in medieval stavechurch style)

  15. Dear Glenda, forgive inaction: connection problems!
    Your tower is very intriguing: the Middle Ages is as timely as ever :-)
    I like the idea of the corner fireplace ...
    Do not forget a nice little pig on the spit :-)
    Beautiful furnishings.
    Mini hugs, Flora