Thursday, October 21, 2010


Now that the paperclay is mostly dry, I've taken a pic of it with low-angle early morning sun.
The texture is about what I wanted - the look of medieval walls which have been whitewashed and mended over time.

I don't know if this will show up well when the tower is finished. Maybe there won't be enough texture to show properly, but I'll know it's there, LOL!


  1. Don't you just love Paperclay? It's fantastic what can be achieved with it! :)
    Looks great!

  2. It's looking really nice, Glenda! I have yet to try paperclay! I bought some a while ago, but my Castle is so large... it would cost a lot to cover the whole thing! I will have to try something small.... hmmm... does that mean I get to start ANOTHER project? :)I have made things with paper mache in the past... I wonder how different it is. Perhaps I will have to try it soon and find out!

  3. Count me as another fan of Paperclay. It's very versatile. Your walls look really great.


  4. Great work, Glenda:) The walls look good so I think the resut will be nicely seen on the whole building :)

  5. No conozco la arcilla de papel. Veo que tu haces maravillas con ella. Este muro está muy bien terminado. Creo que cuando esté en su conjunto quedará muy bien.
    Besos Clara

  6. The result is pretty convincing . It shows when I blow up the pictures. I am sure it will be pretty obvious when someone's looking at the real thing as well.

  7. I can totally see the texture- looks like the walls in my house used to look before we started trying to fix them :) I think you can absolutely tell the difference and it will make a big difference when you put the tower together- great job!♥

  8. Un precioso resultado, has hecho un gran trabajo.
    Feliz fin de semana
    besitos ascension